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Here you will find a collection of short stories and other works of fiction.  Most are penned by me, but some are the works of friends and players.  Most fit into the background of one or more of my game worlds and can, in some cases, provide a few hints and clues relating to those games.
Whether you are a player or not, I hope you enjoy the stories and if they intrigue you, feel free to visit the game sites they are associated with.

Velitrium Tales:
My stories

The Raid:  Goblins attack an isolated farmstead.

The Battle:  Velitar troops attack an encampment of Khun raiders.

The Prophecy:  A warning of things to come?

The Key:  A potential problem, more to come?

My Players Velitrium stories

A Question of Honor: Introducing Teloran Dantarean.

Sea Tales:
My stories

The Graveyard: Where dark deeds are done and darker magic holds sway.

The other sites:

Missiledine's Games:  Here you will find information about all my campaigns, links to other games, GURPS information, general data on starting a character.

Missiledine's Archives:  Here is a compilation of Chat and PBEM sessions of the Velitrium campaigns.

Velitrium:  Here is the current information on the Velitrium Campaign. History, character creation, magic, weapons and equipment and a whole slew of other stuff!

 Pirates and Zombies: This game is set in the early 1700's in the Caribbean.  A world of muskets and dark magic.

SPACE: This site is for my Space campaign, loosely based on the ORIGINAL Battlestar Galactica TV Series.  General information, character creation, equipment, history etc are all here.

One last thing.....

If you are someone who has a problem with, or takes exception to, ideas like, magick, demons, fictional religions and deities.... Then this probably isn't for you.  Go away.

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You can E Mail me by clicking on the Dragon (and any similar Dragon you see while browsing) or look for me on AIM. My AIM Id is of course, 'Missiledine' as is my YIM handle.


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